Where To Use Bitcoins

What Can I Buy with Bitcoins?

Overstock.com, the huge retailer that sells designer brands and home goods at what they suggest are the lowest prices online, was one of the first big names to take advantage of accepting payments in bitcoin, in January 2013. I've kept this list tiny since it's becoming dated so rapidly, but some of the more recognizable names (and industries) are listed below.

Amazonbitcoins accepted
Home Depot
Starbucks (indirectly)
Expedia, the online travel agency for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises and more
Dell Computers, NewEgg.com and TigerDirect.com for computers and electronics
OkCupid online dating site
Cars.com, new and used car dealers
Dish Network satellite service provider

Virgin, billionaire Richard Branson's company; Branson himself is such a believer in the future of the system that he's one of the biggest personal investors in many Bitcoin-related companies. Here's a great little story of how he got his start in business as a teenage dropout.

Medical, dental, real estate, universities, NBA teams, restaurants, bars, hotels, insurance, charities; and now many cities around the world have every store on a city block using it. It starts in pockets and then expands from there.

NCR, the world leader in assisting small business (food trucks, gift stores, cafes) to provide consumer purchases (half a billion a day), often through cash registers, is integrating bitcoin payments into its systems.

The number of Bitcoin ATMs worldwide is increasing rapidly, allowing the purchase and sale of coins.
Not to forget the Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, in December 2014, a season-ending NCAA championship football game where there will be a minimum of five Bitcoin ATMs at or near the football field, to make it easy for fans to learn about Bitcoin, and use it to make purchases both at the game and in the city.

The companies eagerly using this currency are increasing by multiples every day, and a visit to this wiki will get you more up-to-date with the real world of cryptocurrency, as will this.